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A thank you note on behalf of Spanish Lakes Riverfront residents from Mark Bernard

April 1, 2021

To: The Wynne Family, Employees of the Wynne Building Corp., and Crosstown Pharmacy

Just a few short weeks ago there occurred an event that has had me struggling to define with a single word that can only be described together with a phrase.

As most of us were feeling the pressure, nerves on end staring at a computer screen hoping that somehow, we would be the lucky one randomly selected by chance to setup an appointment to get vaccinated for Covid-19 not just for ourselves but possibly a loved one, or a neighbor in need of help, only to be rejected and told to try again in 2 days repeating that same process time and time again.

Then along came an ACT OF KINDNESS!

Through the efforts of the Wynne Family, Crosstown Pharmacy, and the many employees of the Wynne Building Corp. a major task was underway that ensured each resident within our communities was given the chance to get vaccinated in a timely manner and to all those involved in making this a huge success we are profoundly grateful for your time, effort, and commitment with a well-deserved HEARTFELT THANK YOU!

Mark Bernard