Cervezas with Compadres on Cinco

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

The Guest Pool Committee at Spanish Lakes Country Club Village in Fort Pierce organized a great Cinco de Mayo party for some 150 revelers in the clubhouse last Friday.

Mistakenly believed by some to be Mexico's independence day, the celebration of "Cinco" has its origins in the early 1860s, when France attempted to establish an empire in Mexico's territory, but were defeated by an an outnumbered Mexican force at the Battle of Puebla. Of course, in the US, Cinco de Mayo has become more broadly a celebration of Mexican and Mexican-American culture.

Whether you're a current or prospective resident of Spanish Lakes, we thought you might enjoy a glimpse of one community's "Cinco" fiesta. Other Spanish Lakes communities also celebrated in style! ­čîÁ

Photo May 05_ 6 22 03 PM

Does it get more festive than this?

Photo May 05_ 6 34 01 PM
Photo May 08_ 1 44 05 PM

A silent auction featured bikes, golf clubs, photo and art prints, and a number of beautiful handmade wooden bowls (this community has an avid woodworking group), among other items.

Photo May 05_ 6 35 25 PM

Refreshing margaritas and sangria were on tap

Photo May 05_ 6 39 16 PM

Guitar player Dan Golias walked around entertaining the tables

Photo May 05_ 6 26 35 PM
Photo May 05_ 6 30 43 PM
They say Mexican Coke tastes different. It

They say Mexican Coke tastes different. It's the real cane sugar!

Photo May 05_ 6 29 07 PM
Photo May 05_ 6 38 53 PM
Photo May 05_ 6 33 12 PM

Party organizers - The Guest Pool Committee